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To get involved in exciting lives, discovering their most unexpected aspects

If you look closely, no one's perfect!

To learn that there are different ways of telling a story

For example, boring ways...

To let yourself be captured by the intriguing illustrations that accompany the texts

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The lives of people who have left their mark on history, told in a captivating and gripping way.
A second, irreverent, frank, and biting voice interrupts the narrative with ironic comments and unusual details, unveiling little-known facts about writers, artists, poets, scientists... about whom we think we know everything. The reader will go on a journey through time, they will be catapulted into the historical context in which the character lived, and thus be able to breathe the same atmosphere.
The text is the accurate telling of the life of a person. At the same time, the narrative voice offers a different point of view on their life. A figure who is seen as a legend, a genius in his or her sphere, is also rediscovered as a human being with weaknesses and defects.
The "shady voice" uses language that is close to young readers, it introduces references to our own day and age, it mocks the traditional way of telling the story of a person's life, it winks at its young readers and get them involved
Images in a sort of noir style accompany the reading of the text and are the work of a different illustrator for each title.

The illustrators


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